Over time our business has evolved and developed, it’s grown into something far more rewarding than we ever dreamed. We are very lucky to do what we do, to ride bikes for a living, to visit incredible places, to experience the elements and nature at its best, sometimes it’s cruelest. It’s hard not to be happy when you’re surrounded by like minded, passionate people doing something they love.

About Velovation

Velovation may have been born of a selfish need. Bikes, mountains, the journeys and adventures, the physical attainments and emotional rewards. Scaling Europe’s highest roads, spiralling down the other side on velvet switchbacks, coffee stops in the most picturesque of villages and food in the finest restaurants. These are all things that we value and enjoy but it’s not what keeps us going, coming back year after year for more. It’s the people we meet and the friendships we’ve made along the way. We see the roller coaster of emotions, the fatigue, the joy, the strength of the human spirit when faced with a challenge. We get to see people achieve things that they thought themselves incapable of, we get to help them along the way.

Our Aim

We will always strive for perfection in our tours, we view Velovation as a developing story rather than a finished product. Each tour we run and every rider we meet provides us with a learning experience, a different angle and a new perspective. With this in mind we like to keep our group sizes small and personal, this allows us to watch and listen to a group and adjust our services to perfectly match your needs, whether that’s route selection, timing of refreshment stops or even what we put on the picnic table at lunch time. Our aim is always to provide you with a friendly, relaxed and fulfilling holiday delivered in a safe, professional but laid back manner.


Our Team


Founder and Director
Minibus Support
Ride Leader

Originally from the Southeast of England Mark moved to the Alps in 2000 where he’s been exploring the area by bike and skis ever since. His obsession with backcountry skiing is matched only by his love of cycling; together they have taken him all over the world. From ski seasons in Chile and working as a Heli Ski Guide in Alaska, to leading cycling tours all over Europe and even Russia.

Mark is a professionally qualified bike mechanic, REPs qualified Personal Trainer and Emergency First Aider. He has a passion for anything on two wheels, from the road and track to mountain biking, downhilling and a beloved 25 year old Ducati. He’s also a very handy wheel to follow on the flat bits….

‘Growing up in the middle of the countryside and aided by a Grandfather passionate about cycle touring, bikes have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. First as a means of transport and adventure then as a sport and in the end, obsession.

In 2000 I found myself living in the back of a van in Morzine fuelling my love of skiing. What I thought was a winter long adventure turned into 17 years of exploring the mountains, skis in the winter, two wheels in the summer. Powder, Tarmac or dusty trails, don’t ask me to choose, my little brain may explode!’


Minibus Support
Ride Leader

Growing up in Macclesfield on the edge of the Pennine National Park Tony developed a love of the outdoors, Mountain Biking, Hiking or simply going out into the countryside and enjoying a picnic in the sunshine. This coupled with his passion for the mountains and snow boarding  have taken him on many adventures, to Nepal to climb 6000 meter peaks and Peru to ride remote valleys on his mountain bike, New Zealand hiking and surfing. He has travelled all round the world with his beloved snowboard and eventually found a home in  Morzine.

Tony is a professionally qualified bike mechanic and trained in Emergency First Aid

‘I moved to Morzine in 2012 to do a single winter season, a dream I’d had for a very long time. As the winter drew to an end the talk in town switched to bikes and the summer season, the lure was too great. It was that summer I started working for Mark at Velovation as the support driver and it was that summer I started road cycling, caught the bug immediately and the rest is history’


Finder of the finest food and accommodation

Georgina first became passionate about cycling a decade ago when she cycled around Sicily in aid of Prostate Cancer and then went on to cycle in Patagonia, South Africa and Rajasthan. With a chalet in Morzine she discovered the amazing riding right on her doorstep where she enjoys nothing more than cycling the mountain roads and soaking up the stunning scenery which she considers equal to that of Patagonia. ‘Why travel 26 hours in an aeroplane when we have superior scenery and culture at our fingertips in Europe?’ Georgina speaks fluent French and Spanish and loves researching the best hotels and restaurants for our trips, making sure the organisational wheels turn smoothly and ensuring that clients are wowed by the service and quality provided by Velovation. ‘There are loads of bike companies out there but we offer a far more bespoke service than the standard.’

Georgina is always at the end of the phone to answer any queries or concerns and to help make sure that you get the very best from your holiday.

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