Travelling to Morzine

With a short transfer time of 1 hour 15 minutes from Geneva and regular cheap flights from most UK airports Morzine is a perfect destination.

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Flying with your bike:

Your road bike is no doubt exceedingly important to you, they are delicate, expensive and much better in one piece!  For these reasons we recommend that you take time to pack your bike carefully.  A hard plastic bike box is the safest way for your bike to travel, it is possible to hire one from various retailers in the UK if you don’t already own one.  Alternatively, a bike bag is a good option or visit your local bike shop for a bike-sized cardboard box.

When packing your bike it is generally necessary to remove the handlebars, seat post and wheels.  It is also advisable to remove the pedals and rear mech. Plastic frame spacers should be available from your local bike retailer and we advise to fit spacers into the dropouts in the fork and frame to prevent any part being damaged in transit. Foam pipe lagging/insulation is great stuff for protecting your frame and is available from most DIY stores. Fill any spaces with bubble wrap or any other lightweight packing material.

Always check the sporting equipment rules with your airline before you travel.

Transfers to and from the airport:

We will organise your transfers to and from the airport once you provide us with your flight details.


If you choose to drive, we estimate that from Dover (so inclusive of the ferry trip) the journey will take approximately 10 hours.  The channel tunnel is a good option and will cut this time by an hour or so.

Don’t forget though that on top of the cost of the ferry and fuel you will have to pay tolls on the French motorways.  For a good route planning website which includes current toll charges visit

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