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General FAQs

Who comes on your holidays?

Anyone with a love of the outdoors, sports, travel and adventure! We offer routes and rides for all levels and abilities. From challenging routes for seasoned athletes
to gentle rides for cycling newcomers. When choosing a tour take a look at the daily distances and climb statistics, this should give you a good feel for what’s involved. Day rides are completely
customisable to suit any level of rider. The majority of our rides involve mountainous terrain, so while you don’t need to be Chris Froome a good basic level of fitness will certainly enhance your
experience and open up more options.
If in doubt just ask us, we are always more than happy to offer help and advice.

Do I need to be an accomplished cyclist?

No not at all. We’ve run tours for people with very limited cycling experience, if you have a good
basic level of fitness, love a challenge and have a desire to experience new things, you’ll be
amazed at what you can achieve.

What’s the difference between a Tour and a Day Ride?

Tours are point to point routes, you’ll stay in a different place every night, often arriving at one airport and departing from another. This gives you a real sense of travel, experiencing the diversity of the environment and a feeling of achievement that’s hard to match. It’s amazing just how far you
can travel in a few days under your own steam.
Day Rides are also point to point routes but always starting or finishing in our home town of Morzine. With so much on offer this is the perfect way to access those places a little bit too far
away for a normal circular route. Fully supported by our team and minibus you’ll journey to or from stunning destinations on the best roads available. Navigation, food and mechanical assistance are
all taken care of so all you need to do is pedal and take in the surroundings.

What type of bikes are used?

We will always recommend drop handlebar Road Bikes. Slick tyres are a must. Nobbly tyres will slow you down considerably making your ride far harder than it needs to be. They’re also far less  predictable when cornering on tarmac making the descents more risky and a lot less fun. Some people may choose to ride flat barred bikes, feeling more comfortable in this position. This is fine but we would warn you that it’s much less efficient, adding significant wind resistance. This isn’t so
much of a problem when climbing but on the flatter bits and descents you’ll work much harder than
someone on a traditional Road Bike.

I don’t like descending, will this be a problem?

This is quite a common concern but one you needn’t worry about. Descending in the mountains is one of the best sensations you can have on a bike and while it may seem intimidating at first there are a few little tips and tricks we can show you that will have you relaxed and flying downhill in no time. You will never ever be under any pressure to keep up with anyone, our primary concern is for your safety and enjoyment. If there is a split in the group we will manage it. There will always be a
variety of speeds within a group whether going uphill or down, it’s something we’ve become accustomed to and adept at managing.

What happens if there are mixed abilities within my group?

We keep our groups small and personal, this is for a variety of reasons but one of the key factors is dealing with mixed abilities within a group. With an on-bike support rider and our minibus always at hand we make sure that everyone is looked after. Nobody feels pressured to ride faster than they are comfortable with, uphill or down. We select our routes carefully, the top of climbs, coffee stops and lunch spots are natural regrouping locations and we’ll use these to bring groups together
whilst keeping your day flowing.

Are the Holidays on or off road?

While we love any form of cycling and are all keen mountain bikers, our holidays and day rides are always on the road. If you are booking a Morzine Package mountain biking is a highly
recommended add on activity. We are very happy to share our local knowledge, arrange bike and equipment hire or recommend a fully qualified guide or instructor.

Is a helmet compulsory?

YES!! all of the time. With modern cycling helmets being as light and as well ventilated as they are there is never a good reason not to wear a helmet. While you are riding with us we have a duty of care and we take our responsibilities for your safety very seriously.

Do I have to stay with the group all the time?

No, for the vast majority of the time you are free to ride at your own pace. We are well accustomed to managing a range of abilities within a group.

Is there any minimum age requirement?

You must be 18 or over to join one of our rides. We can sometimes take younger riders but they must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Please contact us for more information

What should I carry with me on the bike?

Mechanical assistance is never far away and we can carry as much spare clothing as you like in the minibus. We would suggest however that it is wise to carry a spare tube, pump and maybe a gilet or lightweight jacket depending on the weather. Water is always essential and a small snack or energy bar is never a bad thing to have close to hand.

Can my non-cycling partner come on the holiday too?

For Morzine Packages we would actively encourage this, Morzine is a great place to share with your family or partner. There are plenty of activities to keep them well occupied and happy while you are off riding your bike. During day rides and tours your partner is very welcome to come along in the support
bus and join in with the post ride activities. If your partner is happy to come along for the ride, soak up the scenery and enjoy a great picnic they are always welcome. Contact us for more information.

I have more questions, who can I talk to?

We are always very happy to answer any questions you may have. Use the contact form or
give us a call.

Tour FAQs

Are you able to run custom trips?

Absolutely. We love organising and planning custom tours. Let us know what you’re looking for or where you would like to go and we will work with you to put together your perfect package. We can adjust the level of accommodation to suit your needs, budget, find the best restaurants and arrange any add on such as massages or extra activities.

How many people will be on each tour?

7 is the maximum we can take with a single support vehicle, but larger groups can be catered for
upon request. Contact us for more information.

How much spending money will I need?

You’ll need a little bit of  money to buy any souvenirs you want to buy. All meals are covered within the price of the tour (unless stated otherwise in your tour information) there will be wine with the evening meals but if you would like extra drinks, laundry service, massages etc, these will be at your own expense. We advise that you carry a small amount of cash with you at all times in case of an emergency.

Can I get money while I’m on tour?

Some of the places we stop are often small towns and villages, while it is generally possible to find a cash machine we cannot guarantee it all of the time. During the course of a tour we will inevitably pass cash machines at various times. We suggest that you always have enough money to tide you over until the next available cash machine.

Is there massage available on route?

This depends on the route, hotels and the places we stop. If you require massages let us know and we will do our very best to organise this. Some hotels may be able to provide in house massages at short notice but it is always advisable to arrange in advance to avoid disappointment.

Day FAQs

Are you able to run custom trips?

Yes. All of our day rides are built specifically to suit your requirements. You’ll find suggested route options on our Day Ride page, these are sample ideas to give you an idea of what’s possible.

After you contact us we will suggest a selection of route ideas to meet your requirements, then work with you to refine your chosen route into your perfect day out. Depending on your group size we will make spare places available to anyone who wishes to join the ride. exclusive tours are also
an option, please contact us for pricing information.
7 is the maximum we can take with a single support vehicle, but larger groups can be catered for upon request.

How many people will be in the group?

7 is the maximum we can take with a single support vehicle, but larger groups can be catered for
upon request. Contact us for more information.

Do I need a passport?

From our location in Morzine we can offer routes that cross into either Switzerland or Italy (both if you fancy a really big day). While it is unlikely that you will be asked to show your passport it is necessary that you carry it for these trips just in case.

How much spending money will I need?

Picnic Lunches, soft drinks and constant water top ups are all included in the price. You will need a small amount of money to cover any  ice cream or drinks at the end of the ride. We can arrange restaurant reservations or other activities such as thermal baths at the finish of selected routes, while we will take care of arranging and booking these options the cost is not covered by the price of the day ride.

Is there massage available?

We can arrange high quality sports massages in Morzine with our friends at Mountain Rehab. If you would like to finish your route at one of the thermal baths, Lavey-les- bains in
switzerland or Terme Pré Saint Didier, near Courmayeur in Italy, Massage is also available
with prior notice.

Travel FAQs

Can I take my bike on the plane?

Yes. generally bikes are classed as sporting goods. Check with your airline for charges and weight limits. Your bike will need to be packed in either a hard plastic bike case or a bike bag. You can also transport your bike in a cardboard box, easily available and generally free from your local bike shop. Do however consider that cardboard boxes do not offer the same level of protection as a bike specific case, they tend to get quite battered in transit and also fall apart when wet. It is unlikely that we will be able to find you a replacement box if yours isn’t in a fit state for the journey home.

How much luggage am I allowed?

Check your baggage allowance with your airline. Once you are on tour we recommend that you have one large suitcase for your main luggage (this will be transported in our trailer and not accessible during the ride) and a smaller day bag containing spare clothes, a waterproof jacket and anything else you may need during the day.

Do you arrange my flights?

Flights are not included in the price of the tour. We do not book flights on your behalf.
We have listed suggested airlines and recommended airports for the relevant tours on our Getting Here page. Please check the Airport details of your chosen tour when booking flights.
Airport transfers are included in the price of the tour but only to the specified airport and on the specified date. We can arrange transfers to alternative airports and on alternative dates but this will
be at your own cost.

Will you meet me at the airport?

Yes. We will meet you at the airport specified within the tour details. We may well have to meet group members arriving on different flights so do be prepared for a short wait. Where
possible we will inform you in advance if this is the case.

For Morzine arrivals we will use our trusted friends at Skiidygonzales to bring you up to resort.

Will you transport my bike box on the trip?

Yes. While on tour your bike box or bag will be transported in our trailer. If you are packing all of your belongings into your bike box or bag for the flight, please bring a bag that you can use for the
duration of the tour to transport your clothing and belongings. Once packed into the trailer it is hard to access the boxes and often the hotels do not like them in your rooms.

Does it matter what type of bike box/bag I have?

No. We have a large trailer with plenty of space for transporting bike boxes and bags for the whole group.

How do I get to the start of the day ride?

We will either meet you at your accommodation or arrange a convenient meeting place. If we are meeting in town we will provide clear instructions to find the location no later than
the day before your ride. We only do this if the group is split up in multiple locations and it would be disruptive to the ride to meet everyone individually. If you would like us to collect your day bag we can arrange to do this the evening before your ride. At the end of the day we will
drop everyone back to their own accommodation.
When meeting in town please be prepared and arrive in good time. We will only wait for 15 minutes. If you are running late please let us know as soon as possible, we may be able to arrange an alternative meeting point so as not to keep the rest of the group waiting.

Can I arrive a day early/leave a day later?

Yes by all means but unfortunately we won’t be able to meet you at the airport. We are more than happy to help you arrange and book extra nights in hotels as well as airport transfers
but this is additional to the tour price and must be paid in advance.

Can I arrive late onto a trip or leave early?

Whenever possible but because of the location of many of our tours and the distances covered day to day, we often find ourselves a long way from the nearest airport. However if you need to arrive late or leave early we will certainly do our very best to cater for this. We can arrange transport to the nearest airport or station but this will be at your own expense.

Fitness FAQs

How fit do I need to be to cycle?

Our custom tours and day rides can be designed for any level of fitness.
The tours and day rides listed on our website are generally aimed at intermediate to advanced cyclists. While
you don’t need to be an elite athlete, a good level of base fitness will make the experience far more
enjoyable. You don’t need to be an experienced cyclist either, If you participate regularly in another sport such as running, rowing or any cardio based activity you are in a great position to make the  crossover into cycling. If you have any doubt please give us a call or email, we’re very happy to point you in the direction of the best tour or ride to suit your ability.

Can I choose to have a day off from the bike if I want to?

Yes. You are always welcome to rest your legs and join one of our team in the support bus.
Alternatively, If the location allows we are happy to arrange transport to the next hotel but this will be an extra cost to be covered by you.

How much training should I do before coming? Tours

We would advise you to be doing regular rides in preparation for your adventure. These do not
always need to be long rides, frequent short rides are often more beneficial than the occasional
long ride. Do throw in the odd long ride (100km+) to get yourself used to being in the saddle for
longer periods of time. If you are comfortable riding 100-150km then you are in a great place to
make the most of one of our tours.

How much training should I do before coming? Day Rides

This is entirely up to you. The fitter and stronger you are the more we can show you. Do remember that we are based in the mountains so a bit of climbing is inevitable. A little base fitness will go a long way to making your experience with us as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.

What do I do if there are no hills near where I live?

Depending on where you live in the UK it can often be difficult to find long climbs. This isn’t necessarily a problem, it’s possible to train for the mountains even on flat terrain. If you are feeling very motivated, find a hill with a consistent gradient, ideally 5-7% and do hill reps. Push hard on the climb and then use the descent as a recovery period. Stay in the saddle on the climb as much as possible, this is far more efficient when it comes to long alpine routes.
If there are no hills available to you then the next best thing is a head wind! Alpine climbs generally aren’t that steep, 6-8% is normal. Over a short distance this is relatively easy, 20km is another story. One of the biggest factors is the length of the effort required and the consistent gradients of the climbs. These often don’t allow you much chance to rest and ride easy. stop pedaling and you stop moving. Riding into a head wind replicates this surprisingly well, the wind saps any forward
momentum you have and forces you to keep pushing unless you want to go backwards. It’s no coincidence that Dutch and Belgian riders often make good climbers.
The most important thing though is just to ride regularly and learn to use your gears efficiently.
Keeping your cadence high is generally considered to be the most effective way to sustain a long effort on an alpine climb. Saving that last sprocket for emergencies is often a false economy.
Pushing a gear that is too big for the situation is just burning energy that you want to save.

What happens if I have a bad day in the mountains?

Every day in the mountains is a good day!
If you do find yourself struggling a little or feeling off form do not despair. We will do our very best to encourage you and keep you motivated. If it all becomes too much then there is always a comfy
seat in the support bus. Feel free to jump in when you need and then carry on riding if and when you feel recovered.

Clothing FAQs

What clothing do I need? - Day Rides

Be prepared for anything. The weather in the mountains can change rapidly. Even if the weather is good the morning of your ride it is always best to be prepared for the worst. This is one of the areas where having the support bus really comes into its own. There is plenty of space to carry all
your kit so bring everything! Even on hot mid summer days the descents can feel chilly after the exertion of a climb. We recommend arm warmers and a windproof gilet or jacket. If we are unlucky and the weather turns bad the descents turn from refreshing to very cold. In this situation you may well want to turn to winter kit to keep you comfortable, thermals, long fingered gloves, warm hat
and leg warmers or longs. Overshoes are a great addition if you suffer from cold feet.
You may want to stop for a bite to eat or a drink at the end of your ride; bring a change of clothes so you can go exploring in comfort. Many of our rides finish on or near some stunning lakes. A
refreshing dip can be the perfect end to a hot, long day in the saddle, so bring a towel and something to swim in.

What clothing do I need? - Tours

Be prepared for anything. The weather in the mountains can change rapidly; it is always best to be prepared for the worst. This is one of the areas where having the support bus really comes into its own. There’s plenty of space to carry all your kit so bring everything! Even on hot midsummer days the descents can feel chilly after the exertion of a climb. We recommend arm warmers and a windproof gilet or jacket. If we’re unlucky and the weather turns bad the descents can turn from refreshing to very cold. In this situation you may well want to turn to winter kit to keep you comfortable, Thermals, long fingered gloves, warm hat and leg warmers or longs. Overshoes are a great addition if you suffer from cold feet. A clean pair of shorts for each day is vital to keep you comfortable. Either bring enough for each day or pack some travel wash to freshen up dirty kit.
(some hotels offer a laundry service but we cannot guarantee this all the time)

Riding Check List

Arm Warmers
Knee Warmers
Rain Jacket
Over Shoes
Long Fingered Gloves

Post Ride

You don’t need to bring a huge amount with you but it can be nice to have a few items to help you relax and make the most of your time off the bike.
Casual clothes for warm and cool conditions. We stop in some lovely towns and villages, it’s nice to have some comfortable clothing to go exploring.
Smart Casual clothes. During the tour we’ll often take you to local restaurants and whilst this is never formal it’s always good to have something relatively smart so you can enjoy your evening out.
Swimming. Many of the hotels we use have a pool or sauna or there could well be a lake nearby.
At the end of a long day a quick dip is a great way to refresh tired muscles so come prepared.

Bike FAQs

Should I bring my own bike with me?

Wherever possible we would recommend brining your own bike. You will be spending long periods of time in the saddle so having a bike that you know is comfortable and well fitted is important. If
you don’t want the hassle of flying with your bike we can arrange high quality hire bikes. You will need to bring your own pedals and shoes and while it’s not essential, we would also suggest that
you bring your own saddle. Saddles are a very personal choice so if you have one that works for you it’s well worth the effort of bringing it along.

Do I need to bring bike lights?

Yes, lights are essential for a lot of our routes. Small light weight LED lights are all you need. There are often tunnels on the mountain roads, generally they are lit but it is important to have lights for your own safety.

Can someone help me put my bike together on arrival?

Yes, there will always be a professionally qualified mechanic on hand to help reassemble your bikes. Tools, torque wrenches and a bike stand will also be available.

What spares should I bring for my bike?

We recommend that you bring 2 or 3 spare tubes, a tyre and if possible a couple of spare spokes for your wheels. There are so many variations of spokes, specific to individual wheels and brands that it is just not possible for us to carry all of them. If you are running electric shifters then please bring the correct charger.
We carry a comprehensive range of spares in the support bus that will allow us to fix most reasonable problems at the side of the road. Extra tubes, tyres and spares are available for you to purchase.
Please ensure that your bike has been properly serviced before you arrive. While we will always do
our best to fix any problems it would be a real shame to have your trip spoilt by a faulty bike.

Are you able to look after the mechanical side of my bike?

Yes. There will always be at least one member of the Velovation team who is a professionally
qualified bike mechanic.

What happens if I suffer a mechanical?

If you are not with a member of our team then either wait with your bike if you know one of us is following, or call the emergency contact number provided on arrival. We will be with you as soon as possible to get you back on the road.

What gearing do I need?

Make your life as easy as possible! A compact chainset (50/34t) and a large rear cassette (11/28t or 11/32t) will see you comfortably over the vast majority of alpine passes.

Hire Bike FAQs

Can I hire a bike?

Yes. We can arrange high quality, well equipped and well maintained bike rental. We do not have our own fleet of bikes as we feel your needs can be better met by sourcing the best equipment from local suppliers who specialise in providing this service.
To avoid disappointment please let us know in advance if you require a bike. We need a little time to source the most suitable and correctly fitting bike.

Bike hire is not included in the price of
your tour.

When is the latest I can book a hire bike for the trip?

Please let us know if you require a bike as soon as possible. This allows us the best chance to
arrange the most suitable bike for your needs. While it is often possible to arrange last minute hire it is dependent on availability.

What pedals do you provide with hire bikes?

Hire bikes are not supplied with pedals due to the huge number of manufacturer/cleat variations on the market. If you are hiring a bike you will need to bring your shoes and pedals with you.

Do you provide mounts for GPS on hire bikes?

No, if you are bringing a GPS unit or any other form of bike computer please bring the mounts with you.

Accommodation FAQs

Can I book a single room?

Yes. Our tour pricing is based on shared rooms, wherever possible we can arrange single room
occupancy but there will be a surcharge. Single room charges vary from tour to tour so please
inquire for more information.

Are there laundry facilities?

This is dependent on individual hotels. We will do our best to arrange this but cannot guarantee it will be possible at every hotel. Due to the delicate nature of cycling clothing drying is sometimes an issue so please bring enough changes of clothes to allow for this.
We would also recommend that you bring a small bottle of travel wash in case of emergencies.

Food FAQs

Which meals are included in the price? - Tours

All meals are included in the price of your tour. Breakfast will be provided by the hotel, picnic
lunches will be provided by us and evening meals will either be at the hotel or a local restaurant. Water and refreshments will be available throughout the day along with a selection of fruit and snacks.

Which meals are included in the price? - Day Rides

We provide picnic lunches as well as water, soft drinks and refreshments. Food drinks will be available throughout the day along with a selection of fruit and snacks.

Do you provide energy gels and electrolyte tabs/powders?

Yes we do.

I have specific dietary requirements, can you cater for me?

Yes of course but you need to let us know in advance.

Insurance FAQs

Do you provide insurance?

No. We recommend that you have adequate travel insurance organised before you come on tour that covers baggage, health, travel and accident insurance. Velovation will not assume
responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to persons or their personal effects, or for any injury or loss sustained during the tour.

It is obligatory that all guests have health insurance cover
before travelling with us.

Support FAQs

What does the support vehicle do? - Day Rides

Collection of day bags from your accommodation.
Mechanical support.
Picnic lunches.
Constant supply of water and snacks.
Transport home from the end of your ride.
Emergency first aid.
A comfy seat if you fancy a rest.

The support vehicle will be on hand at all times providing easy access to clothing, food or spares.
We are there to look after you as much as possible, if you require clothing, water or food simply  wave down the support bus whenever it’s passing. We will stop at the next available place. We will
always do our best to be waiting for you at the top of climbs, ready to give you extra clothing to  keep warm. Often you’ll want to shed some layers after a descent, we will stop at the first safe place to allow you to readjust your clothing.

What does the support vehicle do? - Tours

Transport of luggage and day bags.
Mechanical support.
Picnic lunches.
Constant supply of water and snacks.
Emergency first aid.
A comfy seat if you fancy a rest.

The support vehicle will be on hand, providing easy access to clothing food or spares.

We are there to support you as much as possible if you require a clothing adjustment, water or food simply wave down the support bus whenever it’s passing. We will stop at the next available
place. We will always do our best to be waiting for you at the top of climbs, ready to give you extra clothing to keep warm. Often you’ll want to shed some layers after a descent, we will stop at the
first safe place to allow you to readjust your clothing.

How does it work?

We will provide you with the route maps and profiles before your ride. Your lead rider and
support vehicle will always be there to mark the route and junctions along the way. GPS files will be made available to you prior to your day ride or tour.

Do you provide GPS units?

No. Please bring your own GPS unit, mounts and charger.

Do I need to bring a GPS?

You do not need a GPS unit but it is always nice to have one if possible.

Will someone be able to help upload GPS files?

Yes. We are very happy to help you load your routes. We are familiar with most GPS units.

Ask us anything