Art and Bicycles collide

vintage cycling poster

The only successful collision a bicycle can participate in. The vintage cycling poster….unbeatable…..although it looks like things are changing. As cycling is reaching the dizzying heights of trendy all that accompanies cool is appearing in bicycle shaped form. Endless blogs on how to pimp your bike, what to wear while riding your bike, where to ride you bike for maximum cool impact etc. High street clothing shops are now even selling bikes as accessories. Good things have come out of this though (besides more people getting more exercise etc etc). While it seems the last consistently good bicycle/art period was back in the era of the classic vintage cycling posters, the good folk at ARTCRANK put on shows of bicycle inspired posters which show a contemporary take on the classic illustrative style.  They claim to bring together the most fun and accessible way to get around and the most fun and accessible form of art and they do so with great success.

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